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Hi! I’m Jill. I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist who wanted to be a pizza maker, a rock star, and an astronaut when I was a kid. None of these things happened. Although I can be heard singing along with Aretha Franklin's spectacular tunes while making a mean pizza at home!


In the end, my passion for cooking delicious meals resulted in going back to school to become a registered dietitian. I wanted to work with food as much as possible. Now I am the owner of Cultivate Joy Nutrition. A business in which I strive to celebrate food for all its glory!


Jill Clodfelter-Mason, RDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Ball State University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Kansas State University, and completed a massage education program at Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy. 

Jill has lived and studied in Mexico, Peru, and the United States, in addition to having worked in social services, human resources, and the field of massage therapy.  While formerly working as a massage therapist, Jill realized that one of her greatest passions in life was cooking and sharing delicious food with her loved ones. It suddenly dawned upon her that one way that she could promote wellness was through celebrating scrumptious and nourishing meals consisting of a wide variety of foods. 

Knowing that she would like to work with recipe development, she obtained her degree in dietetics from Kansas State University, completed her dietetics internship through Sodexo, became a registered dietitian nutritionist, and eventually launched Cultivate Joy Nutrition, LLC.  

Jill is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Food and Culinary Dietetic Practice Group, and the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group. 



The information on this website, including the blog, is solely for informational and educational purposes.  This information is NOT a substitute for individual, medical, or mental health advice.  You alone are responsible for what you do with the information found on this website and blog.  

My Story

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