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Hi, everyone!  If you've been following my blog, you know that we recently explored two of the three destructive dieting voices which are listed in the fabulous book, Intuitive Eating.  The Food Police and the Nutrition Informant.  To wrap up our three-part destructive dieting voices series, let's talk about the third destructive dieting voice - the Diet Rebel! 

The Diet Rebel voice frequentl...

Hi, everyone!  In last week's blog post, "Destructive Dieting Voices: Part 1 - Challenge the Food Police," we explored how the Food Police is a destructive dieting voice that symbolizes our beliefs and thoughts that label what we eat - and ourselves - as "good" or "bad" depending on our food choices.  

Well today, let's talk about a second destructive dieting voice, the Nutrition Informa...

Today I'm writing the first of three blog posts about three destructive dieting voices - the Food Police, the Nutrition Informant, and the Diet Rebel.  All three destructive voices are discussed in the life-changing book, Intuitive Eating.  But for today, let's focus on the Food Police!  

The food police prevents us from making peace with food and our bodies.  The food police contributes...

In a world in which we're surrounded by diet culture, it can be so easy to scrutinize our bodies.  To criticize them - maybe to the point of saying that we "hate" them out loud.  Which always feels awful, and further harms our relationship with our bodies.     

If you can relate to this, it's not your fault.  Diet culture tells us that we're not good enough as we are.  Tha...

Many of us have been there.  We're eating a scrumptious meal - when someone nearby suddenly says to us, "You're still hungry?!" Or how about, "You're so good.  Your meal is so healthy!"  Or, maybe someone doesn't say anything, but gives that look of disgust which sends the message that what you're eating or the amount of food that you're eating is bad, gross, or wrong.  None of which is acce...

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Embrace Life. Celebrate Food. Be You.

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Embrace Life. Celebrate Food. Be You.

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