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Nutrition Philosophy

Hi! I’m Jill.  I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist  and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who wants to help bring the joy back into eating.  I strive to help women –  who are chronic dieters – end the food fight.  I utilize a non-diet and weight-inclusive approach to assist my clients with developing a healthier relationship with food and their bodies, in addition to working towards empowering their overall wellness.  

My blog, Cultivate Joy Nutrition, is meant to serve as an extra resource for you to celebrate how ridiculously scrumptious, special, and nourishing food can be, in addition to offering some information about Intuitive Eating.  My hope is that Cultivate Joy Nutrition will help you feel some extra joy and peace in your heart as you join me on this blog.

Eating should be a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Food is something to celebrate.  You deserve to truly enjoy eating on a regular basis – not just when you’re on vacation or celebrating a holiday – and feel well nourished.  I can work with you on empowering your overall wellness, in addition to helping you make peace with food so that you can store foods in your home that you may currently view as “forbidden,” – and become comfortable around them.  Part of feeling satisfied also entails honoring your hunger.  When you’re hungry, your body is telling you that it needs to be fed.  I will help you learn how to honor your hunger and fullness cues to enhance the level of satisfaction that you feel from eating.​

Diets don't work for most people and can cause weight gain.

When a group of UCLA scientists evaluated 31 long-term studies on dieting, they determined that up to 2/3 of the individuals featured in the studies gained back more pounds than they had originally shed - within five years or less. The International Journal of Obesity featured a study conducted on 4,000 individual twins which indicated that dieting may cause weight gain "...independent of genetic factors."  I will not put you on a diet or promote weight loss.  What I will do is partner with you to help you participate in health-promoting behaviors to enhance your overall health and meet your body’s needs.

Body diversity is real.

People have their own unique genetic blueprint which naturally results in variety of different body types in this world.  You can be “fit” and have cellulite on your thighs.  You can be “fit” and have fat on your stomach. You can be “fit” and have what society considers to be a “thin” body.  You can also live in a body that society calls “thin” and not be “fit.”  I strive to help my clients live a realistic lifestyle that helps them feel as well as possible, in addition to more easily practicing self-compassion – at any size – versus trying to look a certain way.

Experiencing as many joyful moments in life as possible is good for the soul.

Everyone possesses a unique personality, mind, and body.  As we work together, you will find that deep down you know what’s best for you.  You can make peace with food and your body.  I will partner with you to make realistic, sustainable changes that are right for YOU, and that fit into YOUR lifestyle so that you have more time to fill your life with JOY.    

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